Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS

A Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs to your Registered Customers, as well as Informational Messages, Booking Alerts and Order Confirmations. The purpose of these messages is to convey Information that your customer needs in order to use your Product or Service. Transactional SMS refers to any Text Message sent from a Business to a Customer that provides valuable information about their Product, Service or Processes. A Transactional SMS is a Non-Marketing automated Text Message that companies send to support their Audience along the Customer Journey. Marketing Messages and Promotional SMS Campaigns are not considered a Transactional SMS. Bulk messaging is the sending large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to Mobile Phone Terminals. It is used by Media Companies, Banks and Other Enterprises (for Marketing and Fraud Control) and Consumer Brands for a variety of purposes including Entertainment, Enterprise and Mobile Marketing.

Bulk Messaging is commonly used for Alerts, Reminders and Marketing, but also Information and Communication between both Staff and Customer.

Transactional SMS can be used in the Variety of Situations:

✪ Sending OTP (One Time Password) to the users.

✪ Providing information about Billing.

✪ Reminding the Customers about Payment.

✪ Informing about Delivery/Service Status.

✪ Sending information for an event to Existing Customers.

✪ And Many More….

It is necessary to use Transactional SMS for all of these purposes, but it should always be kept in mind that the content of the SMS should not violate the NCCP policies of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

Instant Delivery

We deliver your Campaigns as quickly as possible using direct Telecom Operator Connections and Intelligent Bulk SMS Gateways

Real-Time Logs

You can view the Date and Time of your call as well as the caller's Number and Receiver's Number, the State from which the Call Originated, the Duration of the Call etc.

SMS in Multiple Languages

You can improve your Campaign's Effectiveness by Communicating with your Target Audience in their Regional Language. Communicate in their way to get Effective Results.

API Support

Our API supports Unicode and Long Messages, Allowing Multiple Web Hooks to Customise any Workflow. Our API also allows you to add Attachments to SMS Messages.

Custom Sender ID

You can send SMS with an Unlimited Number of sender ids. Through our DND filtration SMS Gateways, You are able to Send Advertising SMS Messages with a Safe and Ethical Marketing Method.

Customer Support

You can always reach out to our Friendly Customer Service Team for Any Questions you may have. With our company, all Customers Receive Excellent Customer Service.