Transactional bulk SMS Service is a communication method used by businesses to send critical and time-sensitive information to their customers. Unlike promotional bulk SMS service, which is primarily used for marketing purposes, transactional bulk SMS focuses on delivering transaction-related messages such as account notifications, order confirmations, OTPs (One-Time Passwords), alerts, reminders, and other essential updates.

Transactional bulk SMS service is a reliable and efficient communication channel that enables businesses to deliver critical information, enhance customer engagement, and improve operational efficiency. By leveraging the benefits of transactional bulk SMS service, organizations can streamline their communication processes, increase transparency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Account Notifications

Banks, financial institutions, and utility service providers use transactional bulk SMS to send account balance notifications, transaction alerts, payment reminders, and other account-related information to their customers in real-time.

OTP Delivery

Online platforms, banking apps, and payment gateways rely on transactional bulk SMS to deliver one-time passwords (OTPs) and authentication codes securely for user verification during account logins, transactions, and password resets.

Enhanced Security

OTPs and authentication codes delivered via transactional bulk SMS add an extra layer of security to online transactions, account logins, and data access, helping to prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.


Transactional bulk SMS offers a cost-effective communication solution compared to traditional methods such as phone calls or postal mail. It allows businesses to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently at minimal cost.

Order Confirmations

E-commerce businesses use transactional bulk SMS to send order confirmations, shipment tracking details, and delivery updates to customers. This helps in keeping customers informed about the status of their orders.

Reliability and Timeliness

Transactional bulk SMS ensures the prompt delivery of critical information to recipients, enhancing communication reliability and reducing the risk of message delays or failures.