Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS

A Promotional SMS helps promote your company, Service or Products directly to the Recipient’s Mobile Phone. It is an Effective Marketing Tool at a Low Cost. Promoting a Business using a Promotional SMS gateway is a Primary Marketing Channel used by B2C Organizations as a means of Increasing Sales and Maintaining Customer Satisfaction. Promotional Bulk SMS Communications are an Effective and Reliable way to inform Customers about Discounts, Sales Promotions and Offers in order to Increase Sales and Maintain Customer Relations. In order to Improve Marketing Effectiveness, SMS Marketing Campaigns can be time-based, relevant to the Recipient, Delivered Quickly and Easy to Read.

Promotional SMS includes text messages that Businesses send for Marketing or Advertising purposes. Brands mainly use Promotional SMS to Promote their Products or Services and Generate Customer Interest—and to drive Engagement from Target Consumers in a more Direct and Efficient way. Promotional SMS is used for sending Marketing and Sales messages as well. These messages are only delivered to opt-in and non-DND Numbers.

In Each Message, the Recipient is Encouraged to click a Link or Button inside the message, which will redirect them to a Website where they can Purchase the Advertised Product. SMS can be used for Business Communication for a number of reasons, including: Improving Communication Between Customers and Employees. A Higher Response rate is achieved with this method than with Email. The Ability to Integrate CRM tools and Other Business Applications Easily. New or Repeat business can be driven with a Promotional SMS. By Maintaining a regular newsletter, you keep your Prospects and Customers informed of New Discounts, Offers and Deals. High Engagement and response rates can be expected when used around key Promotional Events with the Right Message and Frequency An SMS Promotion has the purpose of Increasing Sales or Generating Repeat Business. You can use it to Inform Prospects and Customers about your Latest Offers, Discounts and Deals. You can be assured of High Engagement and Response Rates when used with the Right Message and Frequency around key Promotional.

Sender IDs (brand names) cannot be used for Promotional SMS. They will instead be sent through a 6-digit code assigned by the Telemarketer. Additionally, Promotional Bulk SMS can be sent to non-DND registered users between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

Promotional SMS Examples :-

A Promotional SMS Gateway Distributes Bulk Sales and Marketing Text Messages to Promote a Company’s Brand and Products. Examples of Promotional Bulk SMS include:

The Benefits of Promotional Bulk SMS

SMS Promotional messages are a cost-effective way to promote businesses of all types, keeping customers informed of discounts, sales and special offers that may be of interest to them. Additional benefits of Promotional Bulk SMS include:

It is Necessary to use Promotional Bulk SMS for all  purposes, but it should always be kept in mind that the content of the SMS should not violate the NCCP policies of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

Promotional Bulk SMS System Offers the Following Features:

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Global Access

Your Data can be Accessed and Reported on Anywhere in the World with User-Based Access and Real-Time Monitoring.

Time Logs

You can view the Date and Time of your Call as well as the Caller's Number and Receiver's Number, the State from which the Call Originated, The Duration of the Call etc.

SMS in Multiple Languages

You can Improve Your Campaign's Effectiveness by Communicating with your Target Audience in their Regional Language. Communicate in their way to get Effective Results.

Auto DND Filter

SMS are Delivered to Valid Non-DND Numbers up to 99% of the Time.

Customer Support

We have a Friendly Customer Service Team who can answer any questions you may have. In addition to providing Excellent Customer Service, we provide a Wide Range of Services.

Two-factor Authentication

Provide Remote Access or Login Procedures with a Second Layer of Security - One-Time Passwords or SMS Tokens can easily be sent to Mobile Phones via Flash Messages.