Bulk SMS


Bulk Messaging is the process of sending Large Number of Text Messages via an SMS Gateway or Online Platform. Sending Bulk SMS can be used for a variety of purposes including Advertising, Marketing, Alerting and Reminding. You can communicate effectively with your Customers by choosing the Most Convenient and Effective method. By sending Bulk SMS Marketing Messages, you can increase Sales and Provide Informative Alerts on a Regular Basis.  Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the Most Effective Ways to Promote your Business at a Very Low Cost. With this Service, you can send SMS Messages Safely, Quickly and Directly to your Customers. When it comes to Promoting New Products and Offers, Bulk SMS is the best way to Increase Sales for your Business.

Bulk SMS Services are Designed and Customized for Businesses to use their Own Business to Reach out to Potential Customers. With a Simple Text-Message based Communication, you can Engage with your Customers Instantly by Raising their Awareness and Sending SMS Messages that would help you in getting more Customers.  Our Bulk SMS experts will help you find the Best Strategy to Continually Build your Business Outreach by Combining your Target Audience and Rising Trends.

There are Many Reasons why Bulk SMS is considered an Effective Way of Communication. Some of the most common reasons are:

 BULK SMS MARKETING can be Divided into Two Categories  :

Promotional Bulk SMS

It is used for Sending Promotions and Offers to the New Prospective Customers and the Existing Customers Also.

Transactional Bulk SMS

It is only possible for Banks to use the Transactional Route for Sending OTPs and Alerts to the Registered Users.

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Bulk SMS

The Main Advantages of Bulk SMS?

Cost Effective Method

The cost of SMS Advertising is Very Low when compared to Other Advertising Media. Any Budget can be Accommodated by this Program, Whether you are a Large Corporation or a Small Shopkeeper. To do Campaigns, There is no Printing Expense, no Hassle of Dispatching.

Reach all your Targeted Audiences at Once

Using Our Bulk SMS Solutions, you can reach all Your Targeted Audience in a Short Period of Time, Without any Hassles or Complications. Our Solutions are Customized and Equipped with the Latest Technology to make the process Simple and Easy.

Schedule Your SMS

We offer a variety of Features in our SMS Panel that allow you to Schedule SMS very Easily by Setting the Date and Time, you wish to send the SMS.

Reach Right People

A SMS Advertisement is different from Other Marketing Activities such as a TV ad, FM ad, Paper ad or Hoarding. SMS Advertisement can Reach Your Targeted Audience Directly. That will save you Time and Money as well.

Measurable Performance

When you run SMS Campaigns, you can always Calculate your Return on Investment. You will be able to Interact with Your Customers through every SMS Campaign. The Exact amount of Investment you make on SMS Marketing can be Increased or Decreased simply by making that option the Exclusive option for the Specific Campaign.That will save you Time and Money as well.

Messages From Excel

With this Feature, you will be able to send SMS directly from your Excel Spreadsheet. Upload a CSV file or use an Excel Plug-in to Send Multiple Customized Messages Simultaneously.

Instant Results

SMS Campaigns have always proven to be an Effective Medium for Generating Results Quickly. You will be Contacted Immediately by people who need your offers, Products and Services.

Multi-Language SMS

Make your Campaign more Effective by Communicating with your Targeted Audience in their own Regional Language. Get Effective Results by Connecting with them in their Own Way.

Sender Identification

Would you like your Audience to know Who You Are? Managing your Sender Identification Ensures that you are Reaching the Right Audience with Your Company or Brand Name, thereby Increasing the value of Your Company/Brand. "Your Brand" will be Displayed to the Receiver within the "from ID".