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Bulk SMS

Bulk sms Marketing is one of the Most Effective ways to Promote your Business at a very low cost. With this service, you can send SMS messages safely, quickly and directly to customers.


Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is an automated Telephone System that Interacts with Callers, Gathers Information & Routes Calls to the Appropriate Recipient.

E-M@il Marketing

Email Marketing is the process of Promoting Products, Offers or Services through Email. Email Marketing can help you reach both Short-Term and Long-Term Goals.

Reseller Services

Pride Web Technologies offers Reseller packages. Create your Multilevel Reseller business within minutes using our White Label Bulk SMS Panel & API.

Why Choose Us ?

Pride is the Perfect Solution for Your Business

Pride Web Technologies Private Limited is a Leading and Reputed Bulk SMS Service Providing Company. We have the Outstanding Infrastructure, Setup, Services, Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals for our Clients. We are your One-Stop Solution for all types of Bulk SMS Campaigning, IVRS & Conference and Email Marketing Services. Our Company provides Bulk SMS Solutions to Corporations, Small and Mid-Sized Businesses and Individuals at an Affordable Price with Fast Delivery.

Quick Customer Support & Service

Our Friendly Customer Service Team is always available to answer any questions you may have. We are committed to provide quality customer service to all customers.

Flexible & Scalable SMS API Integration

Our Company offers the most Flexible, Easily Installable and Scalable SMS API gateway which allows you to send SMS from any Application Ranging from seconds to minutes.

All Your SMS Needs In One Place

With one Platform, you can send Promotional or Transactional SMS via Web-Based Interfaces, APIs, Email or Mobile Apps, Receive SMS Online or Missed Calls & Much More.

About Our Company

About Our Company

Pride Web Technologies

Pride Web Technologies Private Limited is a Rapidly Growing Bulk SMS Service Provider In Hyderabad. We have a Wide Range of Clients from a Wide Range of Industries. Our Business is Rooted in the Online Marketing Business and We are spreading as Marketing Service Providers in India. Among the services we provide Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, IVRS, Missed Call Number Services, Call Management Solutions, Sim-based services and Reseller services.

At Pride Web Technologies Pvt Ltd, We are constantly looking for ways to make our services better in order to Maximize Customer Satisfaction. We keep ourselves updated on current trends and Proven Strategies. Understanding the needs of the Customer is one of Our Top Priorities.


Send and Receive SMS Online

Simply Text your Long Codes and Keywords and your customers will be able to reach you immediately. You can set auto-replies or Take the Conversation to Another Channel.

Communicate More with SMS Attachments

Easily Insert Images, Videos, PDFs, Spreadsheets & More as Shortlinks in your Bulk SMS Campaigns and Grab your Customers Attention. Convey more in 160 characters.

SMS API Integration

Create a Website, CRM or Application that Sends and Receives SMS Automatically. You can access SMS APIs with Sample Codes in a Wide Range of Languages Including PHP, Java, .NET and More.

Send and receive SMS online

Simply text your long codes and keywords and your customers will be able to reach you immediately. You can set auto-replies or take the conversation to another channel.

Connect to Customers with API

Automate WhatsApp messages to keep customers informed about Account/Service Updates, Notifications and More. Even customer Inquiries can be received on WhatsApp and Discussed Further.

Get real-time delivery and click statistics

With real-time SMS delivery reports, you can analyze campaign outreach and effectiveness. You can also track the clicks on all weblinks, attachments.

Dual VMNs & Missed Call Numbers

You can Manage Leads, Receive Support/Sales Inquiries and set up SMS Auto-Responders with a Simple Missed Call. Our dual Virtual Numbers allow both SMS and Missed calls to be Received on the Same Number.

Become enterprise-ready

You can scale up seamlessly with our robust SMS gateway that includes features like tiered accounts for teams/franchises, user roles, and privileges, audit trails, services, and more.

Increase Engagement with Mobile Solutions

Our Web Portal allows you to Create Discount Vouchers, Tickets, Web Surveys and Forms. Get Higher Response Rates by including them as short URLs in SMS Campaigns.

Bulk-SMS Service Specialist

Are you looking for advice on Bulk SMS Services?

Get in Touch with us or Send an Email if you need advice about Affordable and Strategic Bulk SMS, IVRS, E-mail Marketing  services. Check your growth by Booking a Service or Starting a Consultation.

Bulk-SMS Service Specialist1
Bulk-SMS Service Specialist

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

With years of experience in digital marketing platforms such as Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, WhatsApp Promotion, Voice Call Marketing, we understand the customer’s needs in order to drive business traffic.

We have our own SMS Panel which is one of the best Bulk SMS gateways for all kinds of SMS services. To grow your business with Bulk SMS Marketing.  CONTACT US NOW

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to know more about our Services? Check out the Question and Answers Below!

A Bulk SMS Service allows you to send a Large Number of Text Messages Simultaneously to a Large Audience. SMS Messaging is a Powerful Marketing Tool you can use in your Business to reach Customers Quickly, Safely and Directly.

When it comes to Promoting New Products and Offers, Bulk SMS is the Best way to increase sales for your business.

Pride Web Technologies offer an Easy, Powerful and Self-Service Messaging Platform that makes it easy to Upload & Maintain Contacts, Compose Media-Rich SMS and Send Smarter Bulk SMS. Additionally, Pride Web Offers Flexible and Scalable SMS APIs to Integrate SMS with any Application or CRM. Our direct Integration with Multiple Telecom Operators and Smart SMS Gateway Technology ensure the Best-in-Class delivery of Bulk SMS Campaigns. 

To send Bulk SMS you need to have SMS credits. SMS credits are like a Currency in Bulk SMS and you will be charged per certain number of Credits. Once, after buying SMS credits you can use them for a Lifetime.

You can send as many characters as you can. But after 160 characters one SMS credit will Increase. This means that if you use more than 160 characters in one SMS you are charged 2 credits.

We offer a variety of Features in our SMS panel that allow you to Schedule SMS very easily by setting the Date and Time you wish to send the SMS, there is also an option called Quick Link, which lets you enter the URL of your Website, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, etc.  “You can register on our panel by visiting:  http://pwtpl.com/sms/index.php