Whatsapp API

WhatsApp API

Pride Web Technologies Private Limited provides a WhatsApp API service. The service is suitable for Large and Medium-Sized Companies with multiple customers who want to communicate through WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business API enables Businesses to automate communications through Automated Replies, Chatbots and Interactive Messages.

The WhatsApp Business solution allows customers to contact your Business the same way they contact their Friends and Family. Through WhatsApp Business, your Business can connect with more than 2.5 Billion People across 180 Countries in a Simple, Reliable and Secure Manner. Surveys indicate that customers want Businesses to provide them with Superior Customer Service, including Real-Time Communication, Faster Response Times and Smarter Resolutions. Our team can help you integrate WhatsApp Business API to Increase Customer Engagement through Intelligent, Context-Aware Messaging.

WhatsApp Business API is an application program interface that allows Businesses to Receive and Answer unlimited WhatsApp messages seamlessly.

  • Broadcast to Unlimited Users (opted-in users).
  • Use WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices.
  • Automate Notifications.
  • Install WhatsApp Chatbots.
  • Get Verified Green Tick on WhatsApp.
  • Send Messages with Clickable Buttons.

Instant Responses

Businesses can automate their Responses to Customers using WhatsApp API. It is possible for Businesses to set up Welcome Messages, Away Messages and Delayed Response Messages. Business can Effectively Interact with their Customers Round-the-Clock, even during Off-Hours and Public Holidays, by using WhatsApp Auto-Reply and WhatsApp notifications. WhatsApp’s Dynamic reply Buttons and Interactive List Messages make it the Easiest Communication Channel for Customers. 

Answer FAQs

Self-serve Queries can be easily automated by Automating Answers to frequently asked questions. Businesses can assist their customers with simple questions through WhatsApp. A WhatsApp reply will only be sent when the Keywords Match Exactly. Businesses can set up to Five Input Messages to trigger a Response. Price, Rate, Charge and Cost, for example, Can Trigger the Same Response all related to your Product’s Pricing.

Powerful and Secure Conversations

WhatsApp is the most secure platform for Customer Communications due to its end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp is now trusted even with Payment and Banking-Related Support. Businesses cannot Send Messages on their own through WhatsApp, which is GDPR-Compliant. Only after a conversation has begun or a Customer has Permitted them can they Send Messages.

Personalize Experiences

WhatsApp uses variables to Prsonalize Messages. It can fetch the data from your added Contacts andPplace them at Specific Places in Your Messages. Apart from this, WhatsApp currently supports 10 Languages for Interaction. With Multilingual Support, Businesses can reach out to their customers in their Regional Language and Build Trust in their Minds.

Schedule Appointments

WhatsApp API can be integrated with your Calendar. For all the Leads, you can automate Scheduling Appointments without Any Phone Calls or Email Threads. Even if your Sales Team is not present at a Specific Time, you can send Automated Messages to your Customers related to the Timings when they will next be Available. Using WhatsApp API, Businesses can save a lot of time for their Employees as well as their Customers.

Send Payment Reminders

If your Business has a Subscription Model like the Financial Industry, WhatsApp can Effectively Help you Reduce Drop-offs. You can remind Customers about their Payments using Messages since they tend to forget about them. WhatsApp API allows you to Send Notifications about Due Payments under the Alert Update Template.

Seamless Customer Service

By Answering Customer Questions Instantly and Enabling Conversational Messaging Capabilities on WhatsApp (using Chatbots or Live Support), Businesses will be able to Attract and Retain Customers More Effectively. 

Make Customer Interactions more Engaging by Sending Media-Rich, Real-Time Notifications on Purchases, Account Updates and Reminders.

Collect Feedback

Your customers will be Happy to provide you with Information and Valuable Feedback.