Pride Web Technologies Private Limited provides White Label Reseller service to our clients with the opportunity to Resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and Business use. As mentioned below, you will be able to sell at your own cost, Receive Unlimited Sender IDs and get even more features. It is easy for you to manage all your user accounts through your own Website. A Reseller Panel allows you to send Promotional, Transactional, SIM-Based and OTP SMS from one Interface.

Using Pride Web Tech’s White Label solution, you can become a Mobile Messaging provider for Businesses through a fully Branded Website for Sending and Receiving SMS messages. Therefore, you will have the freedom to set your own Price and thus create an additional Revenue Stream for your company. So that you have total control over what is happening, We provide you with your own Account Creation Tool, Master Account and Reports.


Exactly How does it work ?

This White Label SMS portal displays your personalized information and Is entirely Branded for your Business. In order to qualify, you must have a custom domain name with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. In this domain name, your customers will be able to connect to your messenger service. Selling credits to your customers requires purchasing credit from Pride Web Technologies Private Limited. Credits can then be transferred to your customers at any Price you choose.

Bulk SMS Reseller allows you to manage things efficiently from a single platform. You can send SMS/Receive Missed calls on virtually hosted numbers and you can send Automated Responses in an Effective way.

✦ Providing extended customer support at an Affordable Price.
✦ A Hassle-free sign-up process that is Easy, Simple and Quick.
✦ Reliable Reseller rates and a variety of Message Routing options.
✦ The software is easy to use, as it does not require any Technical knowledge.
✦ Activate just in a few seconds. Instant activation of Sender IDs and Accounts.
✦ An Affordable solution with ‘Zero Setup Cost’ or ‘No Hidden Charges/Terms.

Reseller Program Unique

Reseller Features

Our Reseller Service Offers The Following Features

The Highlights of the Reseller Package

Admin Interface To Add / Delete /Modify Users
Create Unlimited Users/ Partners /DealersSet Your Own Pricing
SMS Gateway API
Multiple Routes Available
Instant Activation
A Secure Connectivity
Unlimited User Accounts With your BrandingWeb Interface To Send SMS
Easy InterfaceTechnical SupportEfficient And Fast

Bulk SMS Reseller- FAQs

You can start a Bulk SMS Business by following these steps:
➜ Become a member of a Technology Partner such as Pride Web Tech.
➜ Pride Web Tech will help you become a registered Telemarketer as per TRAI Regulations.
➜ In addition to building your own Website and Store, Pride Web Tech can help you manage it if you do not already have one.
➜ Make sure you Hire some staff and Reach out to clients to provide them with World-Class Bulk SMS services.

With our SMS API, you can access it from any Location. From anywhere you have Internet access, you can send SMS.

➜  A Low investment is required to start the Business.
➜  Businesses can become Profitable right from the start with a Pay-As-You-Go Model.
➜  The Owner of a Business can choose to Operate in the segment of the Industry he is most comfortable with.
➜  There are three types of Enterprises to choose from: Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Micro Enterprises.
➜  Potential for growth is almost unlimited as increasingly more and more automation is being built around SMS Technology.