Missed Call Number

Missed Call Number

By using a Missed Call Number and Dual VMNs, you can provide your Customers with an Easy, Cost-Effective way to Communicate with you by Receiving SMS Online or Making a Missed Call to your Business. Furthermore, our platform gives you the option of easily managing inbound Missed Calls and Messages by setting up Automated Replies or by Forwarding Them directly to your Email, Application or Mobile. Also, you can Export the Data related to the Customer to Add it to your Contact lists or to put it in your CRM System. We ensure that all these actions can be performed easily via our Web Portal or APIs and that no Technical Knowledge is Required to perform them.

No matter what your Business needs are – whether it’s Expanding your customer list or Sending Information via Two-way SMS Communication – We have a solution for you!

Missed Call Number

(10-Digit Number)

The cost of Missed calls is Zero for Customers. After one ring, the call is Disconnected Automatically.

Dual VMNs

(10-Digit Number)

Missed calls and Texts can be given into (SMS) dual VMNs. The cost of Missed Calls is zero, Whereas SMS is Standard.

Using our services, you can store all SMS Messages and Missed Calls from your Customers and prospects in one place, neatly categorized by Missed Call Number or dual Virtual Number (with relevant Keyword combinations).  As soon as a message is received in your inbox, you can take action, such as forwarding the message to a relevant Email Address or CRM Application. Their features help you Manage and Automate Data Effectively.

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The Following Features are Available with Our Missed Call Number Service

Two-Way Communication Channel

The Number of Missed Calls, Long Codes, and Keywords you choose to Categorize your Messages will Determine how many inboxes you Create.

Schedule Automated Replies

Provide your Clients with an Automated SMS Response that is sent to their Inbox Whenever a Missed Call is Received or a Text Message is sent to your Inbox. In Addition, you are also able to include Attachments and Links, as well as Schedule Responses to be sent after a Certain Period of Time.

Easily Store Contacts

We provide you with a Private Inbox where you can store all your Contact Information. Alternatively, you can Export them easily to your Contact List and store them there for Future Reference.

Forward to Any Application

You can automatically forward all Incoming Requests to the URL of your choice, So that you can Receive them and act on them as soon as possible. In order to use this feature, you need to Integrate SMS/Missed Calls Numbers with your Website or CRM System.

Forward to a Mobile

You can Automatically Receive all Incoming requests on your Mobile Device. The Cost of Forwarding a Message to your Phone is One Credit.

Email Forwarding

Automatically Forward all Incoming requests to a Single or Multiple Email Addresses (or both), without any Additional Charge. It is possible to reply via Email and we will send the reply SMS back to the Customer once we Receive your Email Reply.

Forward to a Group

Received Requests are Automatically Forwarded to a Pre-Selected Contact Group. The same amount of SMS Credits will be used as if you sent them an SMS Campaign.

Email Auto-Replies

The Recipient of an Incoming SMS may contain an Email Address. If the Recipient's Email Address is included within the SMS, you can set up an Automated Email Response at no Extra Cost to the Recipient. It is a good idea to include Brochures and Other Attachments in your Email Message.

Enhance Interactivity for Campaigns

Customer Feedback can be gathered by Calling them back to Share Information about the new Product Launch and New Insights.

Different Ways Businesses can use Missed Call Numbers and Dual VMNs

Build opt-in Database

By using our Long Codes, you can Attract your customers with tempting offers in order to get them to opt-in and stay with you for the long term. Contact numbers coming into your inboxes can be easily stored - they can be exported and added to your CRM application for easy access.

2-way Communication Channel

We are an SMS-based service that allows your Customers to Directly Communicate with your Teams through Text Messages. In addition, you have the option to Forward Inbound Messages to your Email Box or to an Application in order to continue the Conversation in Another way.

Effective Lead Management

Keeping your Representatives busy with other Customers will not Prevent you from Missing out on a Lead. It is possible to Access all Incoming Texts, Including Relevant Fields, such as the Mobile Number of the Customer and the Timestamp of the Message Being Received.

Track your Campaign Effectiveness

To measure the Effectiveness of Every Source, you need to configure Unique Keywords and use them for Billboard Displays, TV ads, etc., as well as Tracking the Lead Flow.

Information On-Demand

Send Simple SMS Messages to your Customers to provide them with Information On-Demand ,such as Menus for Restaurants or Prices for Services. Media-Rich Autoresponders can be easily set-up and Sent.

Reach Low Connectivity Areas

When you use a Missed Call Number or a Dual Virtual Telephone Number, you can reach Audiences in areas where there is little Internet or Smartphone Usage. With a Missed Call Marketing Campaign, you can Reach a Wider Audience and Get More Leads.

Conduct a Quick Poll

By Asking your Customers or Prospects to send you a Simple SMS, you will be able to Understand How they Feel about your Events, , or Services. Send a Long Code to your Subscribers and Ask them to Text their Responses in order to Participate in the Survey.

Alternate Contact Option

Customers can Contact your Dual Virtual Numbers if the Primary Contact Number is Down or Send Specific Inquiries as SMS.