E-Mail Marketing


An Email Marketing campaign involves sending a Commercial Message via Email, Typically to a group of People. The Email Marketing Strategy could be applied to any Email sent to customers, Whether they are Potential Customers or Current Customers. It involves Sending Advertisements, Increasing Sales and Getting More Leads via Email.  There are three Primary Objectives of Email Marketing, Building Loyalty, Establishing Trust and Promoting Brand Awareness.  An Email Message is usually sent for the purpose of Enhancing a Merchant’s Relationship with Existing or Past Customers, Encouraging Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business, Acquiring New Customers or Convincing Current Customers to Purchase something right away and Sharing Advertisements with Third Parties.

 The advantages of Email Marketing :

  • Collecting Feedback and Surveys.
  • Improving Sales.
  • Communicating with your Audience.
  • Generating traffic to your Site.
  • Sending timely Campaigns.
  • Increasing Leads.
  • Reaching the right people at the Right Time.

Low Costs

Email Marketing has a Lower Cost than Mainstream Marketing Channels, which is one of its most Obvious Advantages. In addition, there are no Hidden Fees or Costs Associated with Printing or Postage.

Collecting Feedback and Surveys

Keeping an Eye on Customer Experience will help you Retain Customers and Encourage them to Interact, Engage and Buy from you in the Future. You can Accomplish this through Email Marketing. Using Email Campaigns, you can send Customer Satisfaction Surveys to get feedback from Customers.

Improving Sales

Email marketing is a Great Marketing Tool, it can also improve your sales. Email marketing Campaigns can display Products or Services, Encourage Customers to Purchase after Abandoning Carts or Deliver Special Offers.

Generating Traffic to your Site

You'll increase your SEO and drive Traffic to your Site with Email Marketing Campaigns. In addition, you'll make your Brand and Website more Engaging to Your Audience.


The Effectiveness of a Campaign can be Evaluated using Web Analytics Software. It is very Easy to Test Different Copy, Subject lines and Designs to see which is Most Effective. You can use this Information to Optimize Future Campaigns.


Using Email Marketing, you can reach a Large Audience or a Smaller Audience with Targeted Messages. By using Email Marketing, you can keep track of Delivery Reports and Failed Messages as well.

Reach a Global Audience

Email Marketing is One of the Best ways to Reach a Global Audience .

Real-Time Marketing

Email Marketing allows you to Communicate with Customers in Real Time. You can reach the Right Audience, at the Right Time, in the Right Place and with the Right Offer by using Automated Triggers like Website Activity, Recent Purchases or Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Increase Brand Recognition

Email Marketing allows you to easily brand your business. If you consistently provide valuable content to your audience, they will begin to recognize and anticipate your emails.