Call-Management Solutions

Mobile App Call Management Solution

The Tele-calling and field sales teams will be able to work seamlessly on the same platform with this solution. You can manage your contacts and calls on-the-go from your smartphone. With its sophisticated lead management system, it leverages the power of technology. This results in increased productivity and efficiency for your organization. 

  • Eliminates the need for physical excel sheets by automating the dialing process with Pride Web Technologies.
  • This tool gives you the opportunity to intelligently recycle the data of customers that have not been reached for a variety of reasons. 
  • In order to optimize the efforts to connect with prospective customers, the data is recycled multiple times to ensure that it is reused as often as possible.
  • By offering more opportunities for lead generation and closings, improves your return on investment from your data in terms of ROI.
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Call Recording

A Recording of Every Call will be made and kept on the Server for Future Reference. It helps to Enhance the Quality of the Call. This Mindset will Enhance the Agent's ability to talk with Prospects, Leads or Customers from a Positive Alert Point of View. Additionally, it allows the Agent to Receive Mentoring in Order to Improve their Quality of Work. Thus, the Effectiveness of the Agent's Performance increases and the Revenues Generated Per Agent increase by atleast 10 percent.

Tracking Idle Time

The average Idle Time of the Agents can be Transparently tracked and Eliminated, Resulting in an increase in Productivity of More than 10%.